Hero Points

Acquiring Hero Points: Every character begins the game with 3 hero points; a character can never possess more than 3 hero points at a time. Each time a character gains a level, he or she gains 1 additional hero point. In addition, when the character performs heroic deeds, the GM may present the character with an additional hero point, at the GM’s discretion.

Using Hero Points: A character spends hero points on hero powers, described below. Each hero power has a specific hero point cost associated with it. Most hero actions can be performed at any time without requiring an action to use; if a hero power requires an action or must be performed at a specific time, it will make note of it in its description. All available hero powers are listed below.

  • Act Again: You can immediately make a move action or standard action, as if you had readied an action to do so. (1 hero point)
  • Critical Threat: You immediately threaten a critical hit with a single attack you make during the turn. You must confirm this threat normally. Alternatively, you can spend this hero point to prevent a critical fumble (your attack still misses). (1 hero point)
  • Deny Death: Whenever you would die from hit point damage or Constitution damage, you can immediately stabilize at -1 hp or Con 1. You are still unconscious, but you are no longer dying. Any bleed effects active on you immediately end. (2 hero points)
  • Heroic Avatar: Add 1d6 to any three of your ability scores. This benefit lasts for 1 round per HD you possess, or until the encounter ends. (1 hero point)
  • Inspiration: You can petition the GM for a hint or clue. Any answers are treated as a burst of insight on behalf of the individual, with the GM’s advice or knowledge acting as the insight. If the GM can provide no additional information on a situation, the hero point is not lost. Alternatively, this option provides a +10 bonus on a single Craft check, Knowledge check, Perform check, or Profession check. (1 hero point)
  • Luck: You gain a +4 luck bonus to any one of the following (1 hero point):
    • Your AC against all attacks made for 1 round.
    • A single saving throw of your choice.
    • All attack rolls you make during the turn
    • A caster level (or manifester level) check to overcome spell resistance.
    • The saving throw DC of a single attack you use. If the attack possesses multiple saving throws, it applies to all of them.
    • A single skill. You gain the luck bonus on all checks you make with that skill for 1 round per HD you possess.
  • Plot Twist: You immediately draw a plot twist card. (1 hero point)
  • Replenish: You immediately regain spent resources. Select one of the following options per hero point you spend (minimum 1 hero point). You cannot exceed your maximum number of resources by spending hero points.
    • Arcane Pool: You immediately regain a number of arcane pool points equal to your Intelligence bonus (minimum 1).
    • Bardic Performance: You immediately begin a bardic performance of your choice (even if you have no rounds of performance left) and gain a number of rounds of bardic performance equal to your Charisma modifier.
    • Channel Energy: You immediately regain a number of uses of your channel energy ability equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1).
    • Daily Ability: You immediately regain 1 use of any ability that can only be used a specific number of times per day, such as a cavalier’s challenge, a paladin’s smite, a cleric’s domain powers, an oracle’s revelations, a gnome’s racial spellcasting, or a sorcerer’s bloodline abilities.
    • Grit: You immediately regain a number of grit points equal to your Wisdom bonus (minimum 1).
    • Ki Points: You immediately regain a number of ki points equal to your bonus in the ability score that determines your ki points (Wisdom for Monks, Charisma for Ninjas; minimum 1).
    • Lay on Hands: You immediately regain a number of uses of your lay on hands ability equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1).
    • Prepared Spell: You immediately regain one prepared spell that you had already cast whose spell level is equal to the highest level you can cast (including modifications from metamagic feats). Alternatively, you can regain 2 spells whose individual spell levels are less than the highest level you can cast. This hero power can be used to regain used extracts.
    • Power Points: You immediately regain a number of power points equal to the number of levels in psionic classes you possess.
    • Rage: You immediately begin raging (even if you have no rounds of rage left) and gain a number of rounds of rage equal to your Constitution bonus (minimum 1). These rounds of rage are not lost after the combat ends.
    • Spell Slot: You immediately regain one expended spell lsot that you have already used whose spell level is equal to the highest level you can cast. Alternatively, you can regain 2 spell slots whose individual spell levels are less than the highest level you can cast.
    • Stamina Points: You immediately regain a number of stamina points equal to your bender level.
    • Vestigial Power: One of your expended granted abilities immediately becomes ready; even if you would normally need to wait a number of rounds for it to become ready again.
  • Revitalize: You immediately gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + your Constitution bonus (minimum 0) + 1 per HD you possess.
  • Special: You can make a request of the GM. You must inform the GM of what you would like to do and the GM will agree to it, offer you an alternative, or deny it. Either way, you don’t spend your hero point until both you and the GM agree with the terms of the transaction.
  • Stabilize: You immediately stabilize from dying and are healed up to 0 HP. You are still unconscious.

Halflings and Hero Points: A halfling gains Hero’s Fortune as a bonus feat at 1st level. This feat grants a character 1 additional hero point and increases the maximum number of hero points the character can possess to 5 (see the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide).

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Hero Points

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