The Yellow Prophet

Leader of the cult of Hastur; he is a powerful mage gifted with the madness of an alien deity.


The Yellow Prophet is an accomplished arcanist in addition to his massively potent divine magic, bestowed by Hastur (some would say cursed with). His is extremely adept in using these powers; he can seamlessly combine and alter spells from both of his professions, and due to his massively complex powers, he is very willing to utilize his magic for the most insignificant of purposes. The Yellow Prophet’s combat prowess has yet to be determined, but he seems to favor powerful offensive magic and mind-altering magic; he enjoys toying with an opponent’s mind before going for the kill.


The Yellow Prophet is the mysterious leader of the flock of Hastur, a cult that is actively trying to bring their dark god into our world through the study of reality. The prophet, as his name suggested, is clad almost entirely in yellow, except for a mask that covers his face; the mask is half-black, half-white, split symmetrically down the face. His robes and person are covered with the finest jewelry and trinkets; he even wears a chainmail shirt made of gold in which every link bares the Yellow Sign; Hasutr’s unholy symbol.

First encountered within the bowels of the Lich’s Laboratory, the Yellow Prophet’s ultimate goals and motives are unknown, and even contradict themselves as times. In the Lich’s Laboratory, the Yellow Prophet attempted to kill Brevan and his companions by throwing them into the Chronostream; a manifestation of the flow of time, with the hopes of either aging them to dust or making them so young that they simply ceased to exist. When encountered several weeks later atop Maim’s Mountain, he merely chastised the heroes for a bit for leaving them to battle a Colour Out of Space (though he did try to swing the fight in the Colour’s favor with a single spell before leaving).

The Yellow Prophet has a very nonchalant attitude when dealing with the Revolutionists of Sigmar; he often speaks and acts as if they are mere children, chiding them and answering their questions before attacking. Through many conversations, the party has learned that the Yellow Prophet’s ultimate goal is to bring about a prophecy about The Yellow Hour; the moment when Hastur enters; and takes immediate control of, the entire world. The Yellow Prophet is entirely devoted to his master and his plans and traps run deep; just exactly what he has planned is likely to be beyond the reasoning of a sane mind.

The Yellow Prophet

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