Joppy Jamtoes

Childhood bully to Breven Kindlebrin, Joppy Jamtoes harbors a childish grudge as well deserved fear against the sorcerer.


As a child, Joppy was well-known for his prowess as a brawler, able to take down adults much larger than himself. Following his psyche-scarring defeat at the hands of a young Brevan Kindlebrin, Joppy left Sigmar for a time to study among the monks of Uzumaku, perfecting his body and honing his mind into a martial weapon against opponents. Upon returning home to Sigmar a decade later, however, Joppy was terrified to learn that Brevan had managed to escape the clutches of the Mage-Slayers; a feat that had never before been done, nor has ever been repeated.

In his depression following the lack of direction in his life, Joppy became heavily dependent on alcohol, even learning the drunken master’s style of converting alcohol into raw ki. Despite his prowess with this technique, or perhaps because of it, Joppy quickly fell into alcoholism for two years until Brevan returned to Sigmar himself.

Although Joppy easily defeated both Brevan and Zerrik, one of Brevan’s companions, when they crossed paths in the streets of Sigmar several years later, Joppy was still scared of the powers that Brevan commanded, and jumped at the offer to join the Sigmarian Mage-Slayers when Lommy Brindlekin unwittingly suggested that course of action to him. Joppy is a prodigy among Mage-Slayers, almost instantly mastering techniques that took other Mage-Slayers months to perfect.

Joppy is a deadly foe in combat. Despite his small size, he is able to quickly pound his opponents into the dirt with his bare fists. He is extremely agile, easily able to dodge lightning-fast attacks and stretching himself out far beyond the normal limitations of his body. He often carries around bottles of beer or ale with him, preferring to drink the contents dry and smashing the empty bottle with a perfected technique so it resembles a sai. Ironically enough, Joppy is able to harness this ki in ways that resemble some of Brevan’s own spellcasting, including a searing blast of fire. After adding the techniques of the Sigmarian Mage-Slayers to his arsenal, Joppy is able to counter and even completely nullify magic in the area around him, his combination of talents making him incredibly deadly to mage and soldier alike.


Joppy Jamtoes grew up in Gullykin. 27 years old and a former classmate of Brevan Kindlebrin, Joppy Jamtoes is the son of the former Mayor of Gullykin of two and a half decades, Jameson Jamtoes. As a result, Joppy grew up with a silver spoon of entitlement in his mouth as his corrupt father made sure that the Jamtoes didn’t just live; they thrived.

Joppy’s hatred with Brevan began on Joppy’s 16th birthday, when Brevan was 12. Joppy, Brevan, and Brevan’s older brother Lommy were grouped together in their class of 10 individuals not because of their ability levels, but because of their age ranges; the Gullykin school was far too impoverished to afford separate classes based on skill level as a regular school might. Always with a bloated sense of entitlement, Joppy had come to expect that the people of Gullykin gift him for his birthdays and on holidays. Despite how financially devastated the people of Gullykin were, the families would rather give the brat some small trinket then face the wrath of his father, their Mayor, upon learning that the family had slighted the Jamtoes in some way; at least, according to Joppy they had, and Joppy could do no wrong in his father’s eyes. It was with that knowledge that Joppy marched throughout his classroom like a king, demanding his presents from his classmates.

That particular season had been harm on the Kindlebrins, and they could barely afford to feed themselves, let alone a selfish child like Joppy. Regardless, Joppy’s martial skills were well-known by the children of the school and the parents knew too well the means that Mayor Jamtoes would go to protect and please his son. When Joppy reached Lommy, Lommy quietly informed Joppy that the family had no money or goods to give Joppy; wishing him a happy birthday regardless. Joppy spat on Lommy’s face and continued on, eventually reaching Brevan and demanding a present from him as well. Brevan reiterated Lommy’s message, adding that Joppy was a greedy piece of cockatrice sung. While the other kids laughed, Joppy’s face turned red just as their teacher entered the classroom. Mumbling under his breath, Joppy returned to his seat, Brevan having made his sorcerous powers public knowledge years prior.

During their lunch break, the Kindlebrin boys made their way home to eat their meager meal. Joppy and several of his child-thugs stopped them, demanding to speak to Brevan alone. Joppy, who had no qualms with Lommy and did not want Brevan to have the support of anyone who could possibly be his physical equal, offered to give Lommy a head start before he had his ‘boys’ chase him down. Lommy took the offer as Joppy suspected and bolted, leaving a betrayed-looking Brevan behind. They grabbed his arms to prevent him from fighting back and covered his mouth so no one could hear the boy scream, breaking his noise and several ribs with well-placed punches and kicks.. Joppy and his henchmen nearly beat the life out of young Brevan, possessing the physical advantages that come with attacking someone still on the greener side of puberty. Joppy left Brevan there on the streets, battered and broken from the attack.

Brevan didn’t return to class from his lunch break on-time, which made Joppy snicker and Lommy look at his desk in shame. Roughly fifteen minutes into the lesson, Brevan barged into the room, his clothes dirty from being kicked into the dirt and his his face and body covered in bruises and dried blood. Joppy couldn’t help grinning at Brevan, pleased with his deeds. Brevan stopped directly in front of the bully and, calling upon his powers, socked him in the face with an electrified punch, the power of the spell nearly killing Joppy.

Joppy’s father made sure that “that dangerous Brindlekin boy” was locked away in the prison cells of the Sigmarian Mage-Slayers for the rest of his life, but that wasn’t what Joppy wanted. Joppy had been humiliated in front of his peers and he knew it; a boy nearly six inches short than him easily knocked him down, almost took his life, and directly in front of the authority figures. What Joppy really wanted was a chance to get even with Brevan. Although he knew he could not match Brevan in magical prowess; magic was illegal and he had no innate powers of his own, he knew that Brevan could be beaten. He remembered that he was beaten up as easily as any other halfling child when his mouth was closed and he couldn’t wave his arms about to cast his spells. Joppy trained himself and upon coming of age, he left home to train himself against others, become an extremely adept martial artist.

Upon returning home to Gullykin, an unofficial “master monk,” Joppy demanded that his father release Brevan so that Joppy could defeat him and his sorcery once and for all. Jameson, however, informed Joppy that Brevan had managed to escape the Mage-Slayers; a feat that never occurred and had never again occurred. Without knowing where Brevan left to, Joppy fell into a depression and resorted to alcoholism, becoming the Gullykin town drunk for three years. Until Brevan’s return.

Never extremely attentive, Joppy hadn’t noticed that Brevan had returned to Gullykin until after he and his companions made a fool out of Jameson, exposing the politician’s corrupt ways to the public and having him impeached from office. When his father informed Joppy what had happened during the Harvest Festival, Joppy attacked Shuriel, Jewel, and Omar, who had remained behind to oversee the festival as Brevan was officially sworn into office as the new Mayor of Gullykin. Joppy immediately ran into the city with Brevan’s companions behind him. Joppy reached Brevan and Zerrik first and proceed to defeat both Brevan and the highly trained warrior single-handily. Zerrik was grievously wounded and Brevan knocked unconscious when Jewel showed up with a large regiment of Mage-Slayers on her heels. A timely arrival by Shuriel allowed the alchemist to convince the Mage-Slayers that their magical effects were a result of his alchemical potions, but without an alias and having many charges of disorderly conduct on his record, the Mage-Slayers locked a screaming Joppy in their prisons, his last words to Brevan that he would have his revenge.

Over the course of Joppy’s imprisonment within the Mage-Slayer’s dungeons, he struck a deal with resident halfling Mage-Slayer, Lommy Kindlebrin; Brevan’s older brother. Joppy threatened to squeal on Brevan’s escapee status from the halls of the Mage-Slayers unless Lommy busted him out of prison. After Lommy explained that the only way for Joppy to leave was for him to reform and join the Mage-Slayers himself, Joppy accepted, keen on gaining the powers of a Mage-Slayer not only to humiliate Brevan Kindlebrin, but also to protect himself from arcane power, which Joppy has secretly harbored a fear of his since childhood.

Joppy Jamtoes

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