Haz'zert the Enlightened

A radical Inquisitor of Ra, Haz'zert believes that all who would oppose Ra's Light should be crushed into the sands.


Hailing from distant sands, Haz’zert is a devout follower of Ra, the sun god. His origins are mysterious; he is extremely protective of his background and few know exactly what drew Haz’zert into the fanatical degree of service that his companions find the shazak in; given their rarity in the land of Sigmar, some of Haz’zert’s compatriots believe that all of his kind may serve their respective gods with such inhuman zeal.

Haz’zert has absolutely no mercy for those who would oppose Ra’s teachings. He is not against physically and psychologically harming those that go against Ra’s philosophies. Haz’zert issues a quick and painful death to any whom he believes to be actively working against Ra’s plans, though his greatest wrath is reserved for the followers of the god of shadows and darkness, Set. Haz’zert makes something of a hobby out of tracking down powerful worshipers of Set and other deities who oppose Ra’s work for the thrill of striking fear into the hearts of heretics. He has wiped out entire cults and clergies of such deities alone, his righteous rage burning as brightly as the sun itself. Because of this, many of Ra’s followers wonder exactly how favored the shazak is among Ra, for although he has not lost his powers, his cruelty and seemingly apathy for the lives of those he deems as a heretic have not gone unnoticed by others who share his opinion on the evils of the world.

One of Haz’zert’s “purges” led him to completely annihilate a traveling band of worshipers of Set, even though their worship was not harmful or evil in nature. Haz’zert has known to slaughter men, women, and children without remorse, seeing the later as seeds by which the worship of evil powers can blossom. Among this particular purge, however, was Zerrick; not even 10 years of age. Zerrick’s own unconscious form was hidden by the corpses of his adoptive family, and even after he was rescued by more traditional worshipers of Set, he never forgot the face of the ‘monster’ that slaughtered his family. In contrast, Haz’zert has no recollection of Zerrick at all; a lifetime of slaughter has made it nearly impossible for him to distinguish faces from one another, and Zerrick was only a child when his family was purged.

Haz'zert the Enlightened

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