Gregory "Peppy" Marlo


Gregory “Peppy” Marlo is a mephian hailing from the north, making him rather far away from his childhood home for reasons he has never disclosed to anyone. Although he is an extremely extravagant and outgoing individual, he is loathe to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with others. Not feeling satisfied among his community, Gregory traveled south, visiting each of the great cities of the Kingdom of Angelest in turn, until he came upon Sigmar. Gregory was a young man of 21 when he was caught by a small regiment of Sigmarian guards, trying to steal himself some supplies to continue his travels around the Kingdom of Angelest. Positive that he would rot in jail for the rest of his life, Gregory was rescued by a drow carrying a weapon that Gregory had never seen before; he would quickly learn that it was called a ‘blunderbuss,’ and that the drow’s aim with the weapon was unmatched. Omar easily incapacitated the guards and took their shipment’s supplies for himself.

Almost immediately, Gregory fell madly in love with Omar, to the point where he could do little else but follow Omar around like a puppy. Gregory proved himself to be quite capable with the weapons that Omar and his partner, Ranthal, stole from Duke Sigmund’s private shipments and Ranthal convinced Omar to take Gregory up as a partner in order to help him with the heists. Gregory was elated that he would get to work so closely with his secret crush, and Omar, mistaking his affections for excitement, nicknamed Gregory “Peppy” for his spunky, go-getting attitude.

After seventeen years of working with Omar, Gregory still had not confessed his feeling for the drow, preferring to keep his romances to himself. However, Gregory’s delusions of living happily with Omar came crashing down upon him with Omar and Ranthal hired a new addition to their gang; a human boy named Brandon. Although he was 21, the same age Gregory was when Ranthal and Omar partnered up with him, Omar acted completely differently around this one; behaviors that Gregory was terrified of. Within several months, Omar confessed his love for Brandon and the two were in separable.

Gregory held his delusional love for Omar ever closer to his heart until one evening when Omar and Brandon, cuddled next to each other next to a camp fire, were whispering fondly with one another. They had waited until they thought Gregory had fallen asleep when they began talking of their future together. When Omar confessed to Brandon that he always wanted to be with him, Gregory’s heart shattered, and he swore to himself then and there that Omar would be his and his alone.

Over the next year, Gregory came up with his plan. He tipped off Duke Karl Sigmund’s men on where Omar and Brandon would next strike at the Duke’s shipments, then feinted illness to his companions. Omar and Brandon jumped at the chance to take on a mission alone, and having stumbled into a trap, Gregory was sure that both Omar and Brandon would be tortured and killed for their many crimes against Duke Sigmund, who had graciously bestowed many gifts upon Gregory for his betrayal. Gregory would live out the rest of his days in the Duke’s lap and both Omar and Brandon would be dead.

Things did not go according to plan, however. Only Brandon was caught and he was tortured immensely for his crimes and for refusing to give Omar away; Gregory was made to watch the entire ordeal by Duke Sigmund’s orders. Then, Duke Sigmund himself lit Brandon’s funeral pyre, and the nerve-wracked mephian knew that somewhere in the crowd, Omar was watching and that the drow would never rest until Gregory was dead.

Omar took a year to plot his next move, during which Gregory dared to dream that the drow had simply skipped town forever in grief. When Gregory heard that a drow had attempted to assassinate Duke Sigmund and failed, however, once again Gregory’s delusions were shattered, and he instead devoted his time to training himself; body and mind, for the day that Omar would return for him. Having been placed in charge of Orleans, Omar’s old hometown, he kept his personal guards on a constant vigil against Omar, his heard overwhelmed with anger, hatred, and lust for the drow whom, in his eyes, wronged him so many years ago.

Art by Guncraft

Gregory "Peppy" Marlo

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