The Revolution of Sigmar

The Revolutionary's Jornal

Revolution of Sigmar's Adventure Log

This is the Revolutionary’s Journal; a log that record the deeds of Breven Brindlekin, Jewel, Omar, Shuriel Ricodeen, and Zerrick. This is a blog designed to provide recap for each of their adventures so that others may know of their heroic deeds.

The Adventure Log is dated Chronologically from the beginning of the campaign. Although the campaign itself began in May, the campaign’s Obsidian Portal did not come into existence until July; any dates after July 20th are an estimate and not the actual date on which the adventure took place.

The blog is separated by gaming session and not by in-world time; this is intentional, as it allows the players to get a better idea of “what happened last time.” From myself, the GM, and all of the cmapaign’s players, we hope that any outsiders who find their way to this portal enjoy our tale; we’ve enjoyed ‘living’ it every step of the way!



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