The Revolution of Sigmar

Shuriel's Journal: Autumnwax

In which Shuriel analyzes the situation.

Closing thoughts on the month.

It is nice to have a position of power once again. The construction of Goldmeadow is proceeding rapidly and spirits are high. Indeed it seems our fortunes are well in the wax, mine included. The unexpected run-in with Laeris comes quickly to mind.

I had feared his death had come during that time of Chaos which consumed the city. Amusingly, he was trading at the academy when, in my desperation, I firebombed the place. It affirms my respect for the man that he survived. As always he has been pleasingly prompt in re-locating my trading company to Goldmeadow and assuming the role of treasurer. With myself as Magister, I for-see only harmonious economic actions.

That reminds me, I must speak with Laeris concerning the business. The man always had a love of rapid expansion and in some cases, hostile take-over, another reason I respect him, so consulting him on what he would like to see and accomplish next will increase our efficiency.

On a somewhat related note, I am surprised Laeris was not more forthcoming concerning the construction of a theater. That he did not mention the cash value of it sooner was surprisingly; however, I can understand as, like the businessman he is, he was likely checking figures on surmised problems that might arise. Not to mention, the troupe bears some suspect. Their deal was too good to be true, anyone with business sense could see that. Jewel was also particularly doubting and, though paranoid, her instincts are something I find to be trustworthy.

That puts me in mind of the cult of Hastur, oddly enough. Any idea that those insane fanatics are not around, or have given up, is utterly foolish. It would be like them to build up power right under our noses while we are preoccupied with conquest of Sigmar. As Sharr used to say, “misdirection is the first part of miraculous action.” She always had a flair for the theatrical that could be crippling to the unobservant; good with a poisoned gift too. Unless he is ignorant of the symbolism, which I am sure he is not, the Yellow Prophet’s mask is a clear indication of his own flair for the theatrical. In addition, every encounter we have had with the mad-man has been an onerous melodramatic monologue of his excitement and success. Considering this, it stands to reason that he would have a hand in this whole theater-for-free business. Who else would be insane enough and have enough money to gift a town a theater? Not to mention, bardic magic specializes in influencing large groups. Yes this theater is definitely a likely area of attack from our enemies. On the positive side, I have always been a theater connoisseur and the theater is a great place to scan the minds of the populace. I am determined to root out these cultists. I will locate, capture, torture, interrogate, and destroy them one by one if need be. The cult of Hestur is the greatest threat we face and it would be folly to dismiss its danger.

~30th Autumn Wax



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