The Revolution of Sigmar

Rotten in the State of Gullykin

Plot Synopsis #4

Brevan stood in shock as he peered into his childhood home, completely destroyed. Furniture that had been faithfully serving the Kindlebrin family lay in ruin, and many family heirlooms were smoldering in the wake of the threat. Immediately, Jewel began searching the home. She was convinced that GLaDOS, or some of her mechanical servants, were hiding somewhere within Brevan’s home. Brevan, who hadn’t been home in eleven years, decided to leave quickly and quietly before his parents showed up. As he grabbed the door knob and made for the exit, however, he quickly realized that luck was not on his side as his mother and father were making their way back to the home with groceries in hand. In such a stressful situation, Brevan decided to do what he always did when bad things happened. Cast invisibility and hide within the room.

Although Brevan said nothing, Zerrick and Shuriel peered out of one of the home’s small, halfling-sized windows and noticed the two halflings, who both bore a striking resemblance to Brevan , heading quickly to the front door. Although Omar was able to prop himself up nicely within the wreckage of the room to avoid notice, the Kindlebrin house was not designed for people of the four adventurer’s size, and all felt the uncomfortable sting of their knees and backs bending in unpleasantly cramped spaces as they desperately tried to hide from sight. Jewel walked back into the common chamber after examining part of the house and, noticing her allies hiding from something, jumped into a shadow corner of the room that could barely contain her, let alone actually provide any real benefits to stealth. As Jewel prayed that her spot was good enough, the door opened and Mr. and Mrs. Kindlebrin walked into their home.

Mrs. Kindlebrin gasped at the destruction left in their house, their eyes slowly scanning the room, almost immediately noticing Jewel, Omar, and Zerrick. Mr. Kindlebrin bravely turned to Zerrick and asked him what he was doing in his house. Without a solid response, Zerrick resorted to intimidation, and the tiny man backed away from the armored human. Mrs. Kindlebrin signed and pulled a scroll from her pouch, and with a few simple words, the entire scene shifted, revealing a cozy and undisturbed halfling home. And Brevan . Mrs. Kindlebrin dropped her groceries to the floor as her missing son literally appeared before her eyes. Father, mother, and son stared at each other, lost for words, for nearly two minutes until Mrs. Kindlebrin spoke. “Blimey, what the hell did you come back here for, Brevan ?”

Brevan commented what a terrible thing it was to say to him, since they hadn’t seen him since he was a boy of 12. Mr. Kindlebrin apologized and they invited the party to sit down for tea and biscuits. Jewel opted to instead explore the house, looking for anything malicious that could be a threat to her. Meanwhile, Brevan caught up on the state of Gullykin by speaking with his parents, learning that the Mayor, Jameson Jamtoes, had been quickly leading Gullykin to ruin. Gullykin had always been something of a ghetto, even when Brevan was young, but things had only gotten worse with time. Brevan swore to his father that he would remove Jameson Jamtoes from his office and bring prosperity back to his hometown. Zerrick and Shuriel each asked their own questions about Sigmar, the land that they now found themselves in. Mr. Kindlebrin informed the party of the Antimagic Act, a law set into motion by the providence of Sigmar’s ruler, Duke Sigmund, nearly twenty-five years ago. The act stated that all mages were to either be hung or thrown away in prison; the social fallout of the law’s passing leading many in the younger generation to believe that magic is inherently evil. While Shuriel was interested in the idea of a potion market uninhibited by the sale of magical goods, Zerrick found himself more interested in the fact that Sigmar was an all but religion-void land, the only major faith still practiced being the church of Ra, the sun god.

Jewel, in the meantime, explored the house, and in a very well-hidden corner of the home, found a message written to her. The message congratulated her on finding it and stated that its writer would look forward to meeting Jewel again soon. The message was signed, ‘From GLaDOS.’ Jewel pocketed the note and began to wonder just exactly whether or not they had actually escaped from GLaDOS’s Enrichment Center as she returned to the main room where the rest of her comrades were sitting. Brevan was deep in thought, as were Zerrick and Shuriel. Throughout the entire meeting, Omar crouched in a corner, choosing not to participate in the conversation but rather take in the information that Mr. and Mrs. Kindlebrin provided them.

After nearly an hour of conversation, Brevan said goodbye to his parents as expressionlessly as he could and walked out of the door, the non-halflings following him close behind. Brevan turned to them and asked them whether or not they would accompany him on his quest. Upon asking him what he intended to do, Brevan stated that he planned to remove the duke from his throne for the benefit of everyone. In order to do this, Brevan needed to win the support of all of the deed-holding towns in Sigmar After considering his offer, each in turn responded that they would stick with him and help as they could. With a team at his back, Brevan marched onward through the streets of Gullykin towards the mayor’s manor. Along the way, the five adventurers chatted among themselves, discussing the best way to gain the favor of Gullykin’s mayor. Omar brought up the possibility of displacing the mayor, putting someone more favorable to Brevan’s cause in power in his wake, but Brevan was against the idea, saying that it would be easier to simply ask Mayor Jamtoes for his support. Until they reached the village square.

Standing in the center of the village was an extremely large, bronze statue of the most grotesque man any of them had seen. He had a long, warty nose that resembled a pickle, a monocle, and a large tophat. He cluched a cane in a position of dominance, and the statue did little to mask the man’s extremely large pot belly, which made his legs look like thin branches by comparison. The statue was nearly 10 feet tall, took up half of the village square, and was made of solid bronze. Brevan immediately took back his previous statement, telling his crew that they would have to somehow pull Mayor Jamtoes from office.

Jamtoes manor looked nothing like the rest of the settlement of Gullykin. While the halfling village was small, dirty, and run-down, Jamtoes Manor was large, elaborate, and excessive; with statues of its inhabitants forged from a variety of precious metals and jewels littering the grounds. A fine cobblesotne road lead Brevan, Omar, Jewel, Shuriel, and Zerrick to the front gates of the halfling’s home. Brevan knocked on the door as it swung outwards, revealing a small, elderly halfling in servant’s clothing. He introduced himself as Jenkins; Mayor Jamtoes’s primary assistant and servant. Brevan demanded to be brought before the mayor, and with a little bit of sweet-talking, the group was lead through the home, far too large for any one halfling family to ever completely occupy. Statues and portraits of Mayor Jamtoes littered the halls, though each adventure later agreed that the statues did Jamtoes no justice; he was far more repulsive in person.

The pudgy mayor was sitting behind his desk, smoking an expensive pipe when Jenkins introduced his unexpected visitors. Mayor Jamtoes grew rigid with fright immediately after hearing Brevan’s name; though it had faded from public memory, Jameson Jamtoes had not forgotten what Brevan had done to his son nearly 12 years early when they were both boys. Almost immediately, Brevan and Zerrick backed Mayor Jamtoes into a corner, trying their very hardest to scar Jamtoes out of his mind and with visible success. While the two of them talked politics, the elves quickly searched the room for anything of use to paint Jameson Jamtoes in poor light with the government of Sigmar. Jewel found a book on the history of Gullykin law and a book listing all recorded deaths in Gullykin, thumbing through them and pocketing them for herself when she was satisfied with their importance. Shuriel found a lockbox and quickly pried it open, looking through the stack of legal documents within. Omar, on the other hand, did his best to block Shuriel and Jewel from the mayor’s vision.

Quickly browsing through the documents revealed many things to Shuriel; most notibly that Jamtoes was acting above the law, embezzling funds meant for the town in order to improve his own home. Likewise, Jewel found many improperly recorded deaths and a law that stated that if enough people came forward about the Mayor’s misconducts, he would be terminated from office and a new mayor chosen in his steed. Shuriel quickly began to forge copies of Jameson’s documents so that he could take the original copies for himself. He also broke the lock on their box for good measure, hoping to buy the group some time after they had left.

As Brevan and Zerrick hounded on Mayor Jamtoes for information, they learned much about the man’s character. For one, he was a coward who was willing to sacrifice the lives of others to ensure his power. He also mentioned a place rumored to contain a great treasure to the south of the town, known as the Goldmeadow Fields. It was rumored to have been the former layer of a powerful lich who went missing many years ago. Although Mayor Jamtoes refused to say exactly what he wanted from the crypt, Breven told Jamtoes that they would contemplate going there after receiving a signal from Shuriel that he and Jewel had finished their work. As the five of them left, Brevan bid Mayor Jamtoes farewell, closing the door behind him.



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