The Revolution of Sigmar

Let Tritons be Tritons

Plot Synopsis #2

Twisting, turning, and tumbling down, Omar was the first to land in a large pool of water. The room he was now in looked similar to the last, except it lacked the hydra decals and the water smelled as if it were actually housed by living things. Not long after his arrival, Shuriel and Jewel also tumbled into the tank, sending a wave of green water into Omar’s face. As the three attempted to swim towards some flotsam that bobbed in the water, GLaDOS’s voice began to magically echo through the chamber. She informed Shuriel, Jewel, and Omar that one of her favorite hobbies was pushing mortal creatures to their breaking points, “The point at which the mind crumbles away and morality is lost forever. The point where I can make a monkey out of a man.” As she spoke, several quickly-darting figures moved underneath the surface of the water. GLaDOS informed the trio that the room housed her last test subjects; several triton who wandered too closely to her water intake systems.

Triton, Shuriel knew from his extensive study of underwater plants and fauna used as alchemical ingredients, were a race of aquatic humanoids. Normally extremely benevolent and honorable, these tritons had clearly been pushed beyond whatever range GLaDOS was referring to, as they surfaced from below, howling with rage. The triton attempted to skewer Jewel with their tridents, but even in their own environment Jewel was too fast for them, and she easily dodged their blows. Shuriel was not as lucky, however, and the elf took a trident stab to his right shoulder as he was recalling the weaknesses and tactics of these aquatic people. What’s more, the swampy water flooded Omar’s blunderbuss, clogging the barrel and causing a miniature explosion. Omar and a triton that attempted to sneak up on him were caught in the blast, and both were singed from the weapon’s impact.

Shuriel, who still was benefiting from his previous extract, swam away from his attacker quickly and hurled another of his bombs at the beast; the fiery explosion made quick work of the fish-man, who bobbed against the stirred waters lifelessly. Out of the corner of his eye, Shuriel saw another triton lurking beneath the waves, waiting to strike at Shuriel while he was distracted. Omar quickly emptied his gun’s chamber while Jewel and two other tritons flurried blows against one other, slashing and dodging each other attacks. The way Jewel moved, one could suspect that she herself spent her entire life in the ocean.

Quickly, Shuriel pulled out one of the bedposts he had stolen from his room and smashed in the skull of one of the tritons that Jewel was attacking while it was preoccupied with the drow woman. Her attention no longer divided, Jewel felled the final surface bound triton as the last remaining one resurfaced and plundged its weapon into Shuriel’s back. Omar was able to take it down with a shot through its ribcage, but Shuriel was badly wounded. Both drow were amazed when Shuriel casually pulled a small, red vial from his coat and chugged its contents, his wounds closing up instantly before their eyes.

Before the new team could celebrate, GLaDOS’s voice returned to the koud speaker as she remotely opened a door out of the room. Climbing out of the green waters, Jewel shivered both out of fear of what lie ahead and a noticable drop in temperature as she walked down the metal hall with her new comrades, all dreading whatever “test” GLaDOS place before them next.



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