The Revolution of Sigmar


Plot Synopsis #1

Shuriel, Omar, and Jewel each opened their eyes to find themselves lying in a strange bed in a strange room. The walls were washed white and the floors were covered in a finished wood paneling. There was little in their room, aside from the bed, an accompanying nightstand, a door which revealed a small outhouse, and another door that appeared to lead out of the room.

Each of the three elves approached the situation differently. Jewel, a drow investigator, quickly checked her room for anything that might provide a clue as to where she was now being kept prisoner; her last memories telling her that she was someone’s prisoner. She gingerly donned her equipment, checking it for any traps or traces of bugs; it did not seem logical to her that her “benefactor” would allow her to keep her many tools and weapons so easily within her reach. The drow treated every inch of the room with care, certain that the place was cruelly rigged to make her meet a painful end.

Omar, however, took a completely different approach. All he needed to see was his trusty blunderbuss shining in the room’’s artificial light to have a set course of action. He donned his armor and equipment quickly and noisily before loading his gun and blasting the wooden door open, regardless of whether or not it was actually locked.

A thief through and through, Shuriel, a trained alchemist and ironically the only non-drow in the trio, quickly set to work, pulling out his equipment and donning his armor. Shuriel’s alchemical training and rough upbringing had caused the elf to see everything as a potential weapon, so he quickly dismantled his bed for clubs and stuffed them into his magical haversack for later use when a noise caught his attention.

Upon hearing the noise wrought by Omar’s blunderbuss, Shuriel and Jewel came out of their rooms at their own paces to investigate the noise. Jewel was cautiously paranoid while Shuriel kicked open his own door to find the drow gunslinger pointed his barrel directly at Shuriel’s temple. Before the two of them could begin to explain themselves to each other, the iron walls that made up the hallway parted and what appeared to be a large, glass eye the size of a man peered out at the trio. A very mechanical, woman’s voice began to speak to the group when Omar quickly fired his gun directly at the eye, shattering it. The voice, who introduced itself as GLaDOS, did not seem as impressed by the deed as Omar did. GLaDOS informed the party that she ran a testing facility called the Enrichment Center and that the three of them would be expected to honor the contracts that they had signed with her. Jewel, who wasn’t pleased with the idea of being someone’s labrat, pulled out her crossbow and shattered this second eye, GLaDOS sighing and complaining about always having to replace her “arcano-tech eyes” because of moronic test subjects.

GLaDOS informed her ‘subjects’ that they would be testing how living creatures reacted to the stresses of imminent drowning and quickly opened a trap door beneath the elves, causing them to fall into a new chamber. Every corner of the chamber possessed a large, stone hydra head, while in the center of the room a large stone grate, also stylized as a hydra head also lay. The grate was closed from the inside, and the remaining statues immediately began to spew water into the room as the chamber quickly started to flood.

Fearing for their lives, each of the four immediately set to work trying to stop the water from drowning them. Shuriel secured himself to one of the statue and hoisted himself up, tinkering with its internal mechanics to get it to stop spitting out water. Lacking a rope, Jewel attempted to jump up onto the stature, but she slipped on the wet stone and fell to the ground with a thud. Omar pulled out a special, alchemical cartridge that he carried with him and shot it directly into the statue’s mouth. The cartridge exploded into a sticky, purple goo that hardened quickly and blocked the stature’s water flow, causing its internal pipes to explode from the water pressure.

Jewel managed to hoist herself up and deactivated the water discharge system using a small series of valves and switches she found inside of the statue. Shuriel, who was fed up with trying to disable the statue, loaded one of his homemade explosives into the hydra’s mouth and destroyed the stature from within, immediately diverting the water down the hole that he had blown through the internal pipeline. As the pipes were destroyed, the amount of water slowly tricked down until the room was all but safe from flooding.

That is, until Jewel disabled the third well. GLaDOS chimed into the room, informing her test subjects that the test wouldn’t be a success without peril, so she rerouted all of the waterlines for the room through that final pipe, causing an unrelenting stream of water to surge into the room. The massive amounts of water swept away the blackpowder in Omar’s gun, causing it to immediately heat up and spark uselessly when he attempted to disable the final statue with another shot of purple goo. The mighty streams of water were too strong for Jewel to swim through as well, sweeping her away and down into the water. Shuriel, however, quickly whipped up a special potion that would allow him to swim gracefully even in the roughest of waves. He swam up to the statue and with amazing fortitude and precision, hurled a final bomb into the stature, disabling GLaDOS’s system.

GLaDOS did not sound impressed, and informed the elves that she was taking them to the next testing facility. The stone covering the grate quickly unfurled away and the hole’s true purpose as a draining device was revealed. Omar was quickly swept away by the currents, but Shuriel, who was still hitch-tied to the remains of a stature, grabbed Jewel and held firm against the waves. When the water subsided, it appeared as though the two had outwitted GLaDOS when a small, but sharp, blade quickly darted out from a nearby slit in the wall and cut the rope apart, causing Shuriel to curse GLaDOS for ruining a perfectly good length of rope as he and Jewel fell into the next chamber.



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