Empire city by gamefan84

Twenty-Five years ago, Karl Sigmund succeeded his father, Franz, as the Duke of Sigmar.

Twenty-Five years ago, while leaving his own instating ceremony, an assassin attempted to kill Karl.

The attack deflected off of the duke’s magical protections and instead killed his wife, Dutchess Caroline Sigmund.

Twenty-Five years ago, Karl Sigmund, Duke of the providence of Sigmar, instated the Antimagic Act, banning the use of all magic within Sigmar, both arcane and divine.

Now, Karl Sigmund has become a dictator. The people suffer while his corrupt aristocracy reap the rewards of the poor. Armed soldiers patron the streets, and the Mage-Slayers stalk the shadows.

It is a dark time.

Five individuals wish to change this place; for better, or for worse.

This is their story. This is the revolution of Sigmar.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Slaughter with Science

1 – The Awakening
2 – Let Tritons be Tritons
3 – Escape from the Enrichment Center

Chapter Two: The Gullykin Reclamation Front

4 – Rotten in the State of Gullykin
5 – Down to Democracy
6 – Enter the Lich’s Laboratory
7 – The Welcome Party
8 – Deeper Diving
9 – A Day (or Two) at Town
10 – Bowels of the Laboratory
11 – It Starts Going to the Hells
12 – Surrounded by Yellow
13 – The Fire Enrichment Center
Brevan – Trial by Fire
14 – Coming Soon
Omar – Reigniting the Fire
Shuriel – In Regards to My Absence
15 – Into the Woods
16 – The One Where Jewel is a Badass
17 – It Came from Beyond the Stars
Brevan – Heroes of Gullykin
18 – Colour Me Yellow

Chapter Three: Obtaining Orleans

19.a – Fun Times in Moufette
19.b – Library Action
20 – We Built This City
21 – Calmest Before the Storm
Shuriel – Autumnfull
22 – The Ups and Downs of Being Sneaky
23 – I Transform This Way!

Empire city by gamefan84

Art by gamefan84

The Revolution of Sigmar

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